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he lay in the flats and the shock and conditions were taking their toll. During which the White Ensign was hoisted to the yard arm with appropriate bugle call and salute by the colour guard with rifles and fixed bayonets - very impressive! Gunner Sid Brain I was not very happy with this new and second string appointment. Bob Douty, captain of Sarnia, wanted to see a girl friend. My next posting was.M.C.S. As that year marked the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II we held a special event, and I specifically asked Morley to speak about his experiences, which I will share with you now. He checked on the radar and said: "Affirmative". It was known that sometimes the U-boat was directly under a fishing boat. He very quickly became known as China for his constant use of that very British term of friendship. Morrow the first Lieutenant. But we made it back home all safe and sound and I was happy to go back at my favorite restaurant on Barrington Street " Chez Camille" to get a big order of fish and chips. It was not too dangerous unless there was a heavy sea. Thomson was awarded a "Mentioned in Dispatches" for his role during the Normandy invasion. There are probably much more technical terms but that was the just. They are gone but their memories will always live for those who have known them." On December 18th 1995, kootenay's final day as a Commissioned Canadian warship, we went to sea once more for a final salute. The force of the impact made Dad slide down into the ropes of his hammock and was trapped. All of them were dead. Three outstanding naval officers, who served in Algonquin in 1944-45, live short distances from one another on the South Shore: They are: Rear Admiral Desmond Piers, captain, Chester; Commander. They jettisoned equipment to lighten the load and were preparing to ditch. I guess they were hit by machine gun fire.

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Horny BBW Mom uses Wet Mouth Giant Brest 2 make young Black Stud Explode! There promised to be Senators, The Mayor of Baltimore and all his Cronies, etc. I didn't know what caused this mess to happen nor did I care. The Germans were very seasick at first, however were appreciative of hot water, which was not available aboard the submarine. I felt us coming off of the sand bar slowly and I thought we won't have to wait for the bulldozer. Only the navigator, Owen (Bud) McLean was found and rescued. He went on to inform me that it was short for (H)opposite number which meant friend. And, I thought I wasnt meant to be working in somebodys house, I was meant to be out at sea, so Id asked to be moved out.

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I was part of the skeleton crew that remained on Sarnia so I did not attend the picnic. We marched up and down the parade square, turned left, turned right, saluted everyone in sight and we did this day after day. Our convoys were under attack not only by submarine but also by German Focke Wolfe long range 4 engine bombers operating from captured French airfields, this plus terrific winter storms certainly made life interesting. It was then that we all knew it would be the last time we, who had survived a war as a unit, would never be together again. That event was 36 years before this narrative is being written. escort massage brest magog

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