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V de Brus (-Lochmaben Castle, bur 17 Apr Gysburne/Gisborough Priory). . M as her first husband, elizabeth Isabel Campbell, daughter of colin Campbell Earl of Argyll his wife Jean Gordon of Huntly (-before ). . M firstly (contract ) george Douglas Earl of Angus, illegitimate son of william Douglas Earl of Douglas his mistress Margaret Ctss of Angus (1378 or before-1402). Kenneth II his wife had one child: a) malcolm (954-Glamis Castle, Angus, bur Isle of Iona). . The name of Kenneth's wife is not known. . He was declared illegitimate by Act of Parliament e was appointed Bishop of Moray. . escort fille ghent

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The Annals of Ulster record the death in 900 of " Domnall son of Constantine king of Scotland ". . Earl David his first/second wife had one child: b) david (-after 1200). . Guido de Baill donated property to the abbey of St Mary, York, for the souls of Dionisie uxoris mee et Bernardi de Ball nepotis mei, by charter dated to 1112/22 735. . Abbot of Kelso and Melrose. (b)  hugh de Balliol. . C) ellen Balliol (-shortly before ). . The 10th century Pictish Chronicle Cronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum records that King Constantine " in senecture decrepitus baculum cepit " took the staff and handed the kingdom to " Mael filio Domnail ". . The Kronik van Arent toe Bocop records that " dye gravinne van Gelre, Mergreta dochter van Flanderen " died in 1321 incorrect date, should be 1331? Earl of Menteith in 1361, de iure uxoris. .

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Mistress : of patrick Panter, secretary of James IV King of Scotland. The 12th century Cronica Regum Scottorum lists " Malcolin filius Kinet xxx " as king 162. . The Visitation of Cambridge 1575 names " Jacobus Styward " as eldest son of " Alexander Stuart  secundo genitus Gualt, Senescalli Scotie adding that he died young 1154. . The Ragman Roll names " Sir Alexander de Balliol knight " among those who swore allegiance to Edward I King of England at Montrose 823. Ii) donald Domnall (-Kinn Belachoir palace or killed in battle Scone 13 Apr 863, bur Isle of Iona). . If the mid-14th century John of Fordun can be believed, Greg had a better claim to the throne than King Aedh. . It is clear that William FitzDuncans sons Gospatrick and Donald could not have been born from his known marriage. . The primary source which confirms her betrothal has not yet been identified. His father granted him the Lordship of Badenoch before 1424.

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Among the " consiliarios iniquissimos of King John 787. . M secondly (by proxy May 1538, in person St Andrews Cathedral, Fife ) as her second husband, marie de Guise, widow of louis d'Orléans Duc de Longueville, daughter of claude I de Lorraine Duc de Guise his wife Antoinette de Bourbon-Vendôme (Bar-le-Duc -Edinburgh Castle. James his wife had three children: a) john Stewart of Balveny (1440-the Laighwood, bur Dunkeld Cathedral). . 893 m (divorced 1344) as her first husband, marguerite of Sicily-Tarento, daughter of philippe of Sicily Principe di Tarento Anjou-Capet his second wife Catherine de Valois titular Empress of Constantinople (-Naples in prison 1380, bur Naples San Domenico). . The name of his wife is not known. . Another feature of the reconstructed genealogy which is set out in the present document is the almost total lack of information about female members of the family, in particular the royal consorts. . william "the Boy of Egremont" (-drowned Bolton Wharf after 1155). . King Edward escort fille ghent I confirmed the grant by " Agnes de Balliol to her son Ingeram de Balliol of her land at Foxton " for five years from, by charter dated 859. . high stewards of scotland. If his parentage is correctly attributed, he must have been born late in King Williams life if his own son was a candidate for the throne in 1291. He was chief of the commission which arranged the king's betrothal to Marie de Bourbon in Dec 1535. . " Willelmo filio Duncani " witnessed a charter dated to 1128 by which " David Rex Scottorum " made grants to the church of St John in the castle of Roxburgh 679. . The name of Malcolm's wife is not known. . William FitzDuncan his second wife had four children:. . (b) jane Bruce (-). Matthew Paris names him as brother of King Malcolm, and records that he was elected by the Scots to succeed his brother in 1093 as donald III "Bane" King of Scotland 278. . She left the French court Mar 1561, receiving the Duchy of Touraine and the County of Poitou, retired to Reims and then back to Scotland, arriving at Holyrood Palace e was forced to abdicate as Queen of Scotland at Lochleven in favour of her son. . The Liber Pluscardensis names " unicam filiam suam Marthamcomitissa de Carrick " as heiress of " Adam comite de Carrick " and records her marriage to " Roberto de Bruyssecundo, futurus Vallis Anandiæ dominus in Scocia et Clevland in Anglia " without the kings permission. Robertus de BrusAgnes uxor mea, filiusque noster Adam de Brus donated property to Middlesburgh priory by undated charter 930. . " DD de Lyndes filius DD de Lyndes " donated revenue to Dunfermline abbey with " matri mee " by undated charter witnessed by " domina Margeria de Lyndeseya " 538. . M (before 1390) archibald Douglas, son of archibald Douglas "the Grim" Earl of Douglas his wife Joan Moray of Strathearn (1370-killed in battle Verneuil, bur Tours Cathedral). . William (1143-Stirling, bur Arbroath Abbey). . He adds that what evidence there is " suggests a double marriage allianceabout 1240 between Sir Walter fitz Alan II and Richard Comyn by which the Stewards son and heir Alexander married Comyns daughter Joanna, while Comyns son and heir John married Sir Walters daughter. In particular, the Cronica de Origine includes no information about how King Aedh and King Indulf were related to the main family line. . escort fille ghent

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